Tattoo Sessions: HUGE Black Custom Drawn Tribal Arm/Shoulder Tattoo!!!

BodyIllusions Tattoo Studio, Brantford Ontario's Finest Tattoo Studio! This time it was a HUGE tribal arm piece, drawn up custom on the arm by long time tattoo artist Henry Lee. This was a request from the client to have something flow with his arm, look good and somehow flow in with the 'star' on his left shoulder… well here is what we came up with πŸ™‚

The total time was about less than an hour to figure the design up, draw it on and hope it didn't wear off while doing the tattoo itself…. some of it had to be done on the fly but after a long and tough 6-7 hours of pounding pigment into Chris, we got it all done! This should have been a 2 session tattoo due to the size of it, etc…but this guy just wasn't into waiting to do it twice lol.. so he sat through the entire tattoo till the end.. SUPER work Chris!

Enjoy the video, we have more posted all the time when we get in the mood to bring out the camera gear :). We will be posting frequent videos of procedures, portfolio and stuff like that so if you want to keep updated, simply subscribe and you will be notified when something new gets uploaded…….. its that easy!

Thanks for being one of our best clients Chris, your pain tolerance is unbelievable and we could nothave asked for a more still client — you sat still the entire tattoo.. wow. We are sure to see Chris back again for his next piece but until then, enjoy..

BodyIllusions Tattoo Studio is located in Brantford, Ontario Canada. We specialize in ALL types of tattoos including portraits , blackwork , custom pieces , small designs , fonts , sleeves and coverups.. whatever you have in mind, we can figure it out. We have the absolute best prices in the area, no studio could come even close to how affordable we make it for you, so stop in sometime, checkout the other studios first… then you will see why so many clients chose our studio for their next piece… we cater to cowards and welcome all styles of ideas for your next tattoo — 20+ yrs experience, longest stable expert body piercer in the area specializing in all types of body piercing , branding , dermals , scalpling and more.

Enjoy the video… see you next time!

BodyIllusions Tattoo Studio
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