Planning to Get a Fire Tattoo

Ask a Tattoo Designer to Come Up With an Unconventional Design


Meaning of fire tattoos


You will have noticed many people flaunt fire and flame tattoos. Some people also decorate their old tattoos with fire tattoos. There are several reasons and meanings behind it that make this tattoo a hit for many people and also make it a decorative agent. Fire symbolizes passion, transformation, change, and obviously destruction too. Some people also believe that smoke from fire, being used in religious rites, reaches the heavens like a prayer.


Fire is also sometimes feared, because it relates to destruction. In Christianity, flames also symbolize sin and temptation. According to mythology, flames are a symbol of the cycle of life, rebirth and transformation. Thus, several positive and negative meanings are associated with fire. However, it ultimately depends on the symbol you choose for a design.


Styles of fire tattoos


Fire only tattoos: Some people like to keep it simple and have a fire only design for their tattoos. The flame design can still be enhanced using fire colors: orange, red and blue. A design could be developed by skilled artists that included different shades of fire. If you need a large fire tattoo design, you could also create some twists in the shooting flames design.


Religious tattoos: There are various religious ceremonies or ritual scenes that include fire, and these scenes are copied to create innovative tattoos.


Mythical beasts: There is also a connection of some mythical beasts with fire and several unique designs can be created out of this idea. The phoenix is the creature most commonly used in these tattoos.


Firefighters: There are often depictions of firefighters and firefighting scenes in tattooing. An example is the scene of firefighters coming out of the flames.


Armbands: This is another type of design suitable for tattoos and is usually men who like this style of tattoo.


Getting a specialized fire tattoo from an expert tattoo designer


As different fire symbols can depict different things for different people, specialized knowledge is required for fire tattoos. You can have a consultation with an expert tattoo designer about such tattoos. They have in-depth knowledge about various tattoo styles and designs, as well as their meaning and symbolism. Tattoo artists first think of the tattoo to be designed and then see which designs can be combined and what new style can be carved out of a traditional tattoo. It is the same in the case of a fire tattoo. If you want a simple fire design to be made, a skilled artist can turn it into an intricate design according to your requirements and preferences. You can discuss this with them and they will provide you with several options to select from. They are experts at customizing your fire tattoo and can make it look the way that reflects your personality.


Now that you know what all fire tattoo body art you can get inked on you, choose a style that speaks of your personality. Do not go in for a style if it simply looks good.