Angel Wing Tattoo

How to Choose the Perfect Angel Wing Tattoo


When getting a tattoo, you obviously are going to want to make it as unique as possible, but how can you do this with a tattoo as simple as an angel wing tattoo? The truth is, this kind of tattoos is extremely easy to personalize and in this article we are going to be teaching you what you should and should not be doing when getting one of these designs.


1-Don’t get the angel and demon tattoo


When a lot of people get the angel wing tattoo, they also throw in the horns of a demon. This is not a very smart idea because not only is this tattoo way to popular, but you will probably regret getting it a few years down the road. You are better off sticking with just the wing and leave the horns to someone else.


2-Think of an important date


One of the easiest and best ways to personalize an Angel Wing tattoo is to think of an important day that meant a lot to you. This could be the day you and your husband got married, or the day that you had your first child. It doesn’t matter, just a day that has a lot of meaning behind it. Get that date placed in the middle of the tattoo.


3-Get your tattoo somewhere cool


A lot of people like the get angel wing tattoo’s and their forearms or on their feet. If you want to make it look really cool you can try getting one of these across your back or even on the lower part of your stomach right below your belly button.