Great TATTOO on ARMS & Sleeves – (part 1) ■■■­­ ­

Arms and forearms tattoos are probably one of the sexiest placement of tattoo (in my opinion). Some people think that tattoos are vulgar, but just have a look to this collection. How to find it ugly, rude or vulgar ? It is so sweet and so rock at the same time…
This vid is the 1st one of 3, so don't hesitate to check the two other arms videos, you may enjoy the pics 🙂 The 3rd video is so cute, and my tattoos are in the 2nd video ^^

You'll find all kind of tattoos… A sleeve tattoo on a 13 years old boy in Russia, some old scholl tattoos, portrait tattoo, guitar tattoo, jamanese tattoo, skull tattoo, leopard tattoo, flower tattoo, knife, grafitis, key tattoo, hipster tattoo, colorful tattoos, nurse tattoo, pregnant tattoo, etc…


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