CHEYENNE INK – Black & Grey


Our aim was to achieve a high standard of usability. That´s why we focused
on improving several properties like the flow behavior, cleaning or drying
In several tests we figured out how the right flow profile of Black & Grey
ink should be. This was possible due to the valuable efforts of the tattoo
artists and analytical methods, which we developed in our laboratories.
Another aim was to develop an ink wich supports better wound healing
by creating an innovative ink formulation. Therefore we tested several
formulations and especially different plant extracts with differing
Consequently we found out which concentration provides the best results.
The basic formulation is less irritant because of no preservatives and just
a small amount of Isopropyl alcohol.
Ink without preservatives reduce the risk of inflammatory reactions
and allergies. Sufficient preservation in our ink is guaranteed by the
addition of a specific amount of propylene glycol in combination with
a small amount of isopropyl alcohol.

• High usability
• Tailored to particular needs of Black & Grey Artists
• Good wound healing properties
• No Azo pigments
• Vegan product
• No preservatives
• Produced in compliance with EU ResAP(2008)1
and the German Tattoo Regulation

MT.DERM GmbH · Gustav-Krone-Str. 3 · 14167 Berlin · Germany
fon +49 (0)30-84 58 85-4 · fax +49 (0)30-84 58 85-55

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